About JPP

The Joshua Playing Project is a small, caring place for local kids in Pushkar to get a healthy meal, a good education, and time to play and just ‘be a kid’.

The children, aged between 4 and 16, are taught by a kind, caring and responsible teacher called Vandana (Madame G to the children) with a focus on reading and writing Hindi. They also learn English and Maths, however what is most important is for them to be literate in their own language (in the 2011 census only 52.12% of females in Rajasthan were literate).

Created in 2010, the project has grown to include 48 kids; of which 45 are now in full time education. The Joshua Playing Project exists to nurture and provide for the kids’ skills, needs and wants – whether educational, creative, or anything else. The kids love coming to JPP, it provides structure and regular contact with adults who are deeply invested in their well-being and development.

The kids do not always come from the most stable or caring homes, and our project seeks to provide the care and attention that every child so deeply deserves. It is a warm and friendly environment where there are always smiles and laughter.

They play games, do arts & crafts, play sports and much more. Not only is this a chance to have fun, but also educational. Donated board games help with their English, as well as their counting. School trips are the highlight of the year, visiting places they might not ever normally see.

Vandana runs everything at the project, along with her sister Priya (also our other teacher). The kids are given lunch every day with fresh vegetables, rice, chapati and much more to give children the nourishment they need. A healthy dose of spices and flavouring are of course also added!

The project is intentionally small and so help of any kind and size is hugely appreciated.