One Love join the JPP family!

18th August 2018

One Love is a charity that was set up in Pushkar after a group of fantastic people saw the great work being done by JPP. JPP and One Love have always maintained a really strong relationship, sharing ideas about how we can improve our respective charities and how we can do more to have a positive impact in Pushkar.

As anyone who speaks to us frequently about JPP will know, running an education project is not always plain sailing, and over the last 8 years we have faced challenges that we could never have predicted or imagined, somehow always managing to come out the other end and maintain the high standards that we set ourselves!

Sharing and discussing these challenges with the One Love team has been a really positive experience over the last couple of years, and after many discussions, the JPP and One Love teams decided that we are stronger together as one organisation, bringing our aims, resources, and perhaps most importantly our kids, together as one family.

JPP continues to function as it always has, but we have now welcomed the enthusiasm, ideas and kids from One Love to join our journey!