A very special Indian Wedding

10th August 2016

JPP has had a lot to celebrate in the last year! We have moved out of the temple to a new location, been granted our Charitable Status (thanks UK Gvt!) and we have more kids attending the project than ever. It was therefore inevitable that when our UK and India teams came together there would be merriment aplenty. Our trip happily coincided with the wedding of Shanu, Vandana’s daughter (herself a wonderful teacher) which proved to be a celebration beyond our wildest imaginations.

The highlight for us was to see Baggie, Hansu and their brothers drumming at the wedding. Drumming is an important ritual at a Rajasthani Indian wedding, and when they aren’t cooking and caring for the kids at JPP, Baggie and Hansu spend wedding season drumming up a storm all over the state!

Indian Wedding
Shanu and her new husband with their families